My 3 days in Goa

This is my first travel blog and I wanted it to be about some place I love. Needless to say, I love Goa.

This is my fourth visit to Goa, but a slightly different experience. For starters, the weather was so cool even during the day because I went in mid-December. Secondly, I stayed in a fully furnished cute apartment in Siolim. So here’s what my 3 days in Goa looked like:

Day 1:

I was tired after the 12-hour-long journey from Pune. But I perked up on seeing the lovely apartment we’d booked and the surrounding greenery.  More on it coming soon.

Goa Accomodation

View from our balcony

I took rest, freshened up and set out to Fontainhas. Now, Fontainhas is the old Latin quarters of Goa, not very well known among tourists. You can see many pretty and colorful houses with Portuguese architecture. I wanted to try the food at Viva Panjim after checking the reviews, but alas! I was late.

Fontainhas review


There is not much to do in this area other than look at the colorful buildings and click pictures.

Fontainhas - Photographer's delight

Fontainhas – Photographer’s delight

Night 1:

I wanted to visit the best casino, researched a bit and Deltin Royale it was. I chose the Rs.3000 per head entry-package. Along with it came OTP chips worth Rs.2000. It included unlimited drinks, snacks, buffet and entertainment. Entertainment was nothing to write home about. They hire a few dancers and singers to perform live in their restaurant section. Buffet was decent. Do try Virgin Pina Colada here 😉

Deltin Royale review

Image Source –

Deltin Royale is way better than Casino Royale (Deltin JAKQ now) in terms of interiors and ambiance , but people here were not very helpful in explaining the games. Hence I stuck to Roulette and Money wheel. Played all night and it was awesome fun 🙂

Warning: Keep a fixed budget when you visit a casino. It’s highly addictive.

Day 2:

After a sleepless night in casino, I woke up late afternoon. Headed to Britto’s (Baga) for lunch (a very late lunch). Then strolled along the Baga/Calangute beach in the evening, taking in the lovely breeze.

Britto's review

View from Britto’s

Night 2:

I headed to the most happening party place in Goa – Club Cabana. It is set atop a hill and has an exclusive feel to it. Lovely place and Pizzas. The music was disappointing though. Entry – Rs.1800 per couple.

Club Cabana review

Club Cabana

Day 3:

After a long night at Club Cabana, woke up late again. I headed to Lila’s Café for soup and appetizer. My next stop was Infantaria. Nice food, delicious desserts and crazy alcohol offers ( 6 beers for Rs.150 anyone??). Do try the Chocolate Almond torte here.

Night 3:

Played a little at Baga beach and  took a long walk at Baga/Calangute beachside. Went to Xavier’s shack where they had Karaoke night. Had a light dinner there and called it a night.

Baga beach review

Baga beach

All in all, it was a fun trip. Deltin Royale casino was the highlight of the trip and I would definitely re-visit it the next time I’m in Goa. I know I mostly covered North Goa, except for Panjim (Casino). But there’s more to Goa and I will update on it after my future trips.

Starfish at Calangute

Until next time

3 Comments on My 3 days in Goa

  1. Murari
    July 31, 2015 at 10:59 am (2 years ago)

    Nice blog 🙂 i have same experience for casino, actually it was a little bit funny 🙂

    • RashCha
      November 12, 2015 at 12:04 am (1 year ago)

      Hey Murari! Thanks for your comment!
      Hope you made some money at the casino 😉

  2. Varun
    February 22, 2017 at 8:27 am (2 days ago)

    Hi Rashmi, Same like you.. I got loads of good experiences and bad experiences in goa. Since i visited every 3 months there. Even at casino lot of unexpected situations. I wish i could share to someone.. And i am a photographer also and has lot good pics of goa beach side and activities.


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