About Me


About RashCha


I’m Rashmi from Bangalore (India). I’m currently working as a Software Engineer in Toronto. I’m passionate about Food and Travel. I live to eat and eat to eat more 😀


  • I love trying out simple and easy recipes. If they are healthy, even better.
  • Any recipe that has more than 10 main ingredients is not for me.
  • If I like a recipe, I simplify it as much as possible and also try to add some health quotient.
  • I may not always write exact quantity of ingredients because you are the best judge and you may customize according to your taste.
  • I love the 3 Cs – Chocolate, Cheese and Chicken.


Although I haven’t travelled as much as I’d like to, I will jot down the little travel experiences I have had.

You will see a lot of my travelling, cooking, eating and other experiments on this blog. Come join me in my adventure 🙂